All is good on the work front..

(this was totally suppose to post the other day but I must have forgot to schedule it! oopsie!)
Just dropping in really quick to let you know I love my new job and LOVE even more my new schedule! It is seriously an answered prayer for me to have something permanent that is part time.. and sooo close to the house. I have been working half days and it’s been great, either Scott is still at his mom’s with Grayson and I am able to have a couple of hours of peace and quiet to get things done. Or they are home and we get in some much needed family time, I’ve also been super busy with photography so I have tons of sessions I will be sharing soon. Seriously this is perfect for me (so far!) Since I have tons of sessions to work on I don’t have time to share some great pictures from all the fun things we’ve been doing lately I’ll leave you with just one from our fun Disneyland trip last week (that Sam took)fromsam


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