Murrieta Children Photographer :: Emma turns one!

murrietachildrensphotography_8491Oh hey there cutie pie!
As usual I am blessed with unbelievably adorable and sweet babies to take pictures of.
Meet Emma, just turned one yesterday.
Lucky for me mommy and daddy made the drive out here for this wonderful session,
and also obliged to be in a few pictures themselves.
Now enough from me, take a look at these precious pictures
Starting with the most adorable shoes ever made.
murrietachildrensphotography_8495 murrietachildrensphotography_8547murrietachildrensphotography_8560murrietachildrensphotography_8673murrietachildrensphotography_8690murrietachildrensphotography_8707Isn’t this the best cake + the best high chair!
Nicole’s mom thrifted this and Nicole painted it this beautiful blue.
I want one.murrietachildrensphotography_8744Happy girlmurrietachildrensphotography_8771murrietachildrensphotography_8791Dig in little lady!murrietachildrensphotography_8812murrietachildrensphotography_8821


One thought on “Murrieta Children Photographer :: Emma turns one!

  1. Jess these are the most beautiful pictures! You are such a gifted photographer! You definitely captured the love between all of them! Emma couldn’t be any cuter!

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