My life :: Easter 2014

FV8A0850Goodness gracious I love my little easter bunny! We had such a great day last Sunday, starting it off with a great service at church. On resurrection Sunday we always have service in the big gym, and while I love the size our church body is now it is always exciting to see the gym filled with people. Jesus is so cool, I mean seriously. What He does for me on a daily basis leaves me in awe. Okay sorry back to our day… First up, two of my misters.FV8A0841After church we had an impromptu photo session. Mrs. Seneff and I had planned on trying to get one picture of Gray and Molly together.. Lets just say we were very successful plus some.FV8A0936I died going through these.FV8A0951My favorite!!FV8A0959 FV8A0960 FV8A0963Grayson was totally over it after those (he went to bed super late for him Saturday night and he was sooo tired!) But Molly girl, she was still flashing me that sweet smile.FV8A0970Just when I think we’ll never replace the zoo picture they go and look like this. Beautiful, beautiful family.FV8A0980That is probably enough pictures for one post all by themselves, but I’ve got more! The rest of our day. You know our easter tradition is going to Irvine park with most of Scott’s family for the day. In the past it has been a little cold but this year with all this gorgeous weather we are having, it was perfect. Here’s a little comparison from last year to this, I think Jaxon wasn’t really sure about Grayson back then. Now they’re buddies.FV8A8851I love how excited Grayson gets for even the smallest things. It really does make me happy and constantly he’s bringing a smile to my face because small things like blowing bubbles are so exciting because he makes it that way.FV8A8855This is all three kids “cheeese” face to someone taking their picture.FV8A8857Oh my word… I absolutely love this face he is making. Tio Tony is all of our favorites, and I am pretty positive Grayson will agree as he keeps growing.FV8A8858A cute picture of Jaxon and Uncle RyanFV8A8879This kid in crazy in LOVE with all animals. He runs up to these animals and wants to grab their faces and kiss them! (trust me I know it is not good when it comes to dogs we don’t know, I run after him because you just never know with dogs. I would be devastated if they took a bite at his face.) With all that to say, he was in heaven in the little petting zoo they had at the park. FV8A8863I love this one.FV8A8876Oh but I love this one even more! I cannot look at this without giggling, haha his face is just so funny to me! Little goofball.FV8A8877


One thought on “My life :: Easter 2014

  1. I am in love with that little boy!! His expressions are so adorable… especially the way he looks at little Molly! Oh I love all of these… and the flashback to last Easter! Your little baby is growing up so fast!!

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