Murrieta Newborn Photography :: Drew Elizabeth

murrietanewbornphotography_633A smile within the first few shots.. You know this one is going to be good!!
I literally love every single one of these.
Please meet Drew Elizabeth, daughter to Nick and Heather
baby sister to Miss Tanner and Miss Ryhan.
Words will not do justice to the way I feel about this session,
from the beautiful baby girl, to the amazing nursery, straight to the wonderful family.
Everything was perfect!
If you don’t believe me, just keep reading.
murrietanewbornphotography_650murrietanewbornphotography_649I love all three girls in this picture but Tanner..
she has the most perfect porcelain skin. I love this one of her!murrietanewbornphotography_641 murrietanewbornphotography_674 murrietanewbornphotography_676My absolute two favorites of Drew alonemurrietanewbornphotography_688 murrietanewbornphotography_690 murrietanewbornphotography_691Sweeter than sweetmurrietanewbornphotography_707murrietanewbornphotography_657murrietanewbornphotography_663murrietanewbornphotography_658Daddy’s turnmurrietanewbornphotography_727Of course big sisters get a turn too!murrietanewbornphotography_753There may or may not have been some booty dancing done to get these smiles,
not by me of course.. by daddy (wink)
Then there’s Drew, who slept through the chaos. murrietanewbornphotography_777murrietanewbornphotography_654murrietanewbornphotography_653 murrietanewbornphotography_787My favorite of all three girls..murrietanewbornphotography_796Where do I even begin to thank you guys for allowing me in,
for allowing me to be such a big part of such a special time.
I had so much fun with you guys,
I love your growing family.

Now raise your hand if you’d love to know where Heather got the amazing items in this nursery!
She has kindly given me all of the shop names for you.

The World Map:The Rusted Arrow
The Wild Things print:PrintableHome
Sparkle print:Mooseberry Printables (although the shop is closed right now for vacation)
The felt flowers: The Felt Flower Shop (she’s on vacation too!)
Crown: Lovecrush Bowtique
Rhino head: Home Goods
French bulldog: Z Gallery
White storage box and containers: Hobby Lobby
Grey lantern and mirror: Shenodas
Frames and lamp: Ikea
Crib, dresser and rocker were all hand me downs



2 thoughts on “Murrieta Newborn Photography :: Drew Elizabeth

  1. Thank you Jess for all these beautiful images and for the sweet words! You’ve been such a wonderful friend to our entire family and I’m honored you can capture these memories for us!!

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