Murrieta Senior Photography :: Ali Shipley

murrietaseniorphotography_2217Would you believe me if I told you I’ve known Ali since she was teeny.
It’s hard to believe she’s graduating high school now.
She’s also going to college to be a nurse,
my personal opinion.. she’s going to be a great nurse!
I feel so lucky to be able to take these,
now I can say that I’ve photographed all of the Shipley/Tapia family members.
Good luck in school Ali, you are going to do great!
murrietaseniorphotography_2229 murrietaseniorphotography_2235 murrietaseniorphotography_2262My favorite!murrietaseniorphotography_2265 murrietaseniorphotography_2294This one was mostly for my enjoyment, and I love it.murrietaseniorphotography_2306Two more of my favorites!murrietaseniorphotography_2315


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