Grayson these days

FV8A1010Every stage that Grayson has been in I have loved.
Okay the clingy and whiney stage wasn’t my favorite,
but I really have loved it all.
This stage he is in now is probably the most fun.
He is a little comedian that is for sure,
and he is so so smart.
I had to share a few stories that made me smile recently.

Scott and G were eating lunch and has just finished, without Scott asking Grayson he took Scott’s paper plate and threw it in the trash can and then went and put the plate holder inside the dishwasher!!

Then a couple of days later he was out in the backyard eating a watermelon and I was inside doing the dishes, without one word he comes in and throws the watermelon rind in the trash can! He’s not even TWO years old yet and he does these things, it blows my mind. Kids (and babies) are so smart, and learn so quickly. It’s great.FV8A1007

He also offers up kisses to me without having to ask, it’s the sweetest.
He’s repeating so many words now, bubbles, tractors, please, thank you and cheeeeese to name just a few.
My favorite is when he says a word out of nowhere,
the other day I was getting him dressed and he grabbed his shoes and said “shoes”
yesterday it was remote! Of course it isn’t very clear but the fact he knows what a remote
is enough to attempt saying it at all. Especially without me asking. I love it!
I am more excited for him to talk than any other milestone so far.
He sleeps all night long, from about 7:30 to 6:15 (this is a world record around here)
He bows his head (but looks around) when we pray.
After he eats something it’s always Mmmmm!FV8A1046He is absolutely glued to anything having to do with the Cars movie,
he even fell asleep with his new book the other night. Cutest thing ever.
He loves every kind of animal and knows how to make all of their noises,
He is a picky eater like every toddler but does good most days and eats good.
Still dislikes hates the car seat.
I think he’d be ready to be potty trained if I was,
I just need a few days that I know we won’t be going anywhere to just do it.
But he’s still my baby, I’m not sure momma is ready.
Since he was born I have rubbed behind his ears and down his jaw line,
lately he’s been taking my hand if we’re laying together and makes me rub him.
It’s really sweet. He’s sweet.

This time two years ago I had no idea what he looked like or he would be,
I know what he looks like now and still wonder who he will be.
I remember wanting a baby sooo badly,
and just knowing that Jesus gave me him for this life
still blows my mind. If we were never given anything else, he would be enough.

I am hoping to do actual two year pictures of him sometime very soon.
Happy Tuesday!


One thought on “Grayson these days

  1. Oh I looooove these! That little sparkly eyed, goofy grinning boy has my heart. It’s been such a blessing spending more time with him this last month, feels like I finally am really getting to know him. And I love him!

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