Murrieta Family Photography :: the Folands

murrietafamilyphotography_152I am pretty sure in the history of big families,
there has never been this many cute kids!
I mean seriously, they are all adorable.
Sometimes big group shots are crazy and hectic,
so not the case with the Folands.
Not only were the kids cute, they were so well behaved.
It was a wonderful day and I’m so thankful to have met them.
murrietafamilyphotography_193 murrietafamilyphotography_206 murrietafamilyphotography_215See I told you! All three of those families are beautiful.murrietafamilyphotography_228Brothersmurrietafamilyphotography_262 murrietafamilyphotography_289 murrietafamilyphotography_310Now, because I couldn’t help myself..murrietafamilyphotography_320 murrietafamilyphotography_327 murrietafamilyphotography_330 murrietafamilyphotography_342 murrietafamilyphotography_352Last but not least, maybe my favorite from the day…
Even the baby is making a silly face. I love it!
(Parents please don’t hate me for sharing this!)


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