A little thoughtfulness goes a long way..

datenight_1132Be prepared for thoughtfulness overload today. A month ago or so Scott brought this home after he had been helping his sister do some things around their new house. As I opened it and started reading my face felt warm and eyes watered. Not only because of thoughtfulness of the gift (gift cards for dinner, a movie and ice cream! Plus money) but the words Kristy wrote. Words that I pray is the way my family (and friends) feel about me. My heart is to surprise people with small tokens of love, whether it is a letter, candy or something handmade. I love to let people know in small ways that I think about them and care. Sometimes they are appreciated but others they may go unseen or unappreciated. Appreciation isn’t the reason I do any of it, truly it isn’t.. but it always nice when that appreciation is there. Any of the times I felt like that was washed away with this page of sweet words. datenight_1139Soo, we are ready for that date night and are headed to Anaheim for the night. I am thankful to Kristy for this gift because Scott and I never get out alone. We love our family time, and I know even though it is one night we will miss Grayson like crazy! But we also know it’s important for our marriage to have this time too. And it’s another thing I will be able to check off my 32 things I’d like to do in my 32nd year list (man I need to get on those things!! The year is almost half way over!) Plus both of my parents are great about sharing pictures of G whenever they have him! So I know I’ll still see those.datenight_1138Hope your weekend will be as good as ours! Thank you mom and dad for making it so easy for us to go away for the night, we truly appreciate it and are so blessed to have you.


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