Canyon Lake Childrens Photographer :: 3 year old Jaxon

canyonlakechildphotography_1023What a little man Jaxon has become!
I was going through and cleaning out pictures to make more room on my phone,
because we all know I am phone picture-hoardered. (yes that is a real thing)
What if someone wants to see a picture while I’m out? Or 500.
But I was clearing it and came across a picture of Jaxon and I sleeping
when he was itty bitty. I love it.
It’s been three years since that picture and I swear I only blinked,
he is such a big boy and sooo smart!
He knows sports like no other three year old I have met,
I mean if you know his dad, you won’t be so surprised but still.
He knows which songs each of the Dodger players walk out to,
momma plays a song and he announces (just like they do at the games by the way)
which player and what their number is! I am not lying.
It has been great because Grayson and Jaxon get to spend two days a week together,
they are buddies and I love it.
canyonlakechildphotography_1001Love!canyonlakechildphotography_1044 canyonlakechildphotography_1082Those eyes!canyonlakechildphotography_1115My two favorites..canyonlakechildphotography_1117 canyonlakechildphotography_1118


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