Grayson’s “want just because” birthday list

I started this list a couple months ago and then realized last week his birthday is coming up so close I better get this out! He’s not a baby anymore, so sad. I almost done with everything I need for his party, I need to share his invite and my ideas for it. The theme this year is old fashion summer, I’m really excited! We’re having it at a big park and I’m praying the weather is perfect. So you know that before the birthday comes the birthday wish list. It’s really hard as they get older because it seems like he really does have everything he needs. So this is our “want just because” list. Our want it because he is spoiled loved, and because people always want to know what to get him and I have my own blog so I can list. graysons birthday list

We spend so much time outside and so soon we are going to have our very own backyard again so I thought this picnic table and outdoor grill would be perfect for him! I recently got him some Adidas and I seriously love them, but he needs a couple pairs because he’s growing so fast, grey converse, navy blue converse. He actually doesn’t care for baths these days, and he used to love them. I think it’s because he’s bored with all of the bath toys so I think new ones are in order.. These stickers for the tub are cute , they have a few different cute ones or these monster squirters. Really any new ones would be good! I am totally slacking on the alphabet book I am making him, I seriously have a few letters left and that’s it. I thought this LeapFrog Letter Factory set was cute to help him learn his letters. I think it may be about time for his first t-ball set. And he’ll definitely want his own drum set after we get into our house and he sees daddy had one!

This is something I kind of want to get him, balance bikes are suppose to help younger kids learn to ride a bike earlier.. Might be kind of cute seeing him on this thing!41UfxtnNnULThat’ll do it! I am curious to see him open presents this year, I am wondering if he’ll be more excited about it. Christmas he still wasn’t totally into it, but now when we bring him home surprises he’s much more animated so we’ll see!


I am hoping to share more on his birthday party next week, at least the invite for sure!


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