A little bit of crazy, and a whole lot of busy..

Just wanted to pop in for a minute and say hi,
it’s crazy busy and instead of over working myself
and trying to get posts up all week I thought instead
I would stop by and let you know I will be on a tiny blogging break.

I need some time to catch up,
I have a bridal shower this Friday
and Grayson’s birthday party all within two weeks of each other.
Plus back to back photography sessions,
and our annual church’s women’s lunch on Saturday.
Oh and we’re starting the move back into our own place June 1st!

So I’ll be out for a little while,
maybe I’ll try to get ahead with posts..
That’s a novel idea.
When I come back I will have tons to share,
like fun birthday party details, a lots of sessions!

For now, a few pictures from our life lately. (all iPhone)disneyland1 swimmingOur one-night getaway.disneyland2My sweet boy.disneyland3They sure do make a cute family.. kidding, those boys are all mine.disneyland4Serious heart melting (this is during a Disney parade)disneyland5 disneyland6My little mister wanted to take a picture with me.loveI love him.sleepingSo now your all caught up on the fun we’ve been having,
I will be back before you know it!

xoxo j.


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