Grayson :: two years old

I had to hop back on the internet today to share that my baby is turning TWO! I can remember so vividly the night he was born, everything I had went through before that moment faded away within seconds. It hasn’t been easy and daily I am on my knees praying for patience with him but I would not trade it for anything in the world. I kind of wish I could take this moment and freeze it.. his smiles, his cuddles, his fabulous dance moves and let’s not forget his “ehhhh?” Those are the things I want to lock away in my heart and mind forever.

Dear Grayson,

I wanted to tell you that you are the sunshine in our lives, and two years ago today you healed my heart with your love. I am so thankful to Jesus for allowing me to be your mommy. You are so smart, the happiest and you bring a smile to anyone’s face you are around. You’ve already inherited some of your daddy’s hard working ethics, you are so good at putting away your toys and a lot of times put the tubs back without anyone even asking you. I can see my heart in you, you are so sweet and love to curl up on just about anyone’s lap. You are very picky about what you will eat, as most toddlers are. You love popsicles. You love being outside. You LOVE animals, you think all of them are like your puppies and try to squish all of their faces in your hands. You talk so much although we don’t understand the words you are saying you are so good at communicating what you need. You do say lots of words and have started putting together short phrases like, “I broke it” and “what’s that?”. You are strong willed and very determined, I think you could move mountains if you want to son. We love you, you are everything to us. Happy second birthday Grayson.

A few of my favorites of him recently..FV8A0936 disneyland3 swimming FV8A8876 DSC_4806


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