Sunshine and Lemonade :: birthday party invitation

Since Grayson’s birthday party is this weekend I figured I would sign on for a minute and show you this adorable invitation that we came up with and of course Sam used her mad design skills on. When I originally started planning Grayson’s second birthday party (the week after his first one!) I had planned on doing the old fashion summer theme.. But it had sort of transformed into a sunshine and lemonade party instead.. Although could technically still be an old fashioned summer theme too, maybe I’ll go with both!summerbirthdayparty_1802 summerbirthdayparty_1815If you’d like to buy one of these cutest ever birthday party invitations you can head to Sam’s etsy shop!

3 thoughts on “Sunshine and Lemonade :: birthday party invitation

  1. Yay! Love the way you styled these photos! I just love how this invite came out, so adorable! One of my all time favorites for sure!

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