Grayson :: Two year pictures

twoyearpictures_2195I’ve already talked about Grayson turning two and showed you his adorable birthday party invitation so now I will share my obsession with his two year pictures. Of course I had to take some with our brand new lemonade stand! I originally thought that I would use this as a prop for photography sessions but it turned out much bigger than I expected. I will most likely still use it occasionally, when a daddy is there and can help me carry it! Okay anyway, back to these pictures… Grayson is at that age where he says, “cheeese” and I can’t say I love it. The fake smile that the word cheese gives a kid, I’m not a fan. I’d rather get a more natural smile but for this one, it worked and I think he’s so cute it doesn’t really matter what he does.. you know I’ll love it.. All that to say, most of the smiles you see, especially the ones with a tongue right behind the teeth is his “cheeese” face.twoyearpictures_2174I love this onetwoyearpictures_2184Two of my favorites!twoyearpictures_2188 twoyearpictures_2194Two more of my favorites.twoyearpictures_2197 twoyearpictures_2201A special thank you to his Papa for helping get some of those adorable smiles. Tomorrow is his much anticipated birthday party.. maybe someday I’ll throw a party only involves pizza, paper plates and a birthday cake.. but probably not. It’s just what I do. As soon as I can I will share all the pictures from it, I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Have a great weekend! xoxo j.


One thought on “Grayson :: Two year pictures

  1. Oh dear Lord, these are fantastic!!! His little faces always crack me up, but these take the cake! I mean cheese….? I agree with the loving on that one of him sitting and leaning back on the stand. So so cute!!

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