Grayson’s 2nd birthday :: Sunshine and Lemonade party

sunshineandlemonade_2670Where do I even begin to talk about Grayson’s birthday party?! It was the best! While I love the party planning, and decorations and all of the details of the parties, “the best” to me is when it is clear to me that everyone is relaxed and having a good time. This party to me was the epitome of that.. I had been praying for good weather for weeks, and it was perfect. There was just enough shade to keep us cool when it got warm plus a perfect breeze. The food was simple which made it stress free for me, and the kid station was a HIT! I get a lot of compliments on the parties I throw for all of the details and if I have one suggestion it would be when you are searching (Pinterest) for ideas, think outside of the box.. You may see something adorable in a house, use it! Or on a back patio, use it! Most of the decorations I use at showers and stuff I’ve seen somewhere online, but maybe not in a party setting. Okay, one more piece of advice that always helps me, plan ahead! I literally started brainstorming for this at the end of last year, nothing crazy but starting a Pinterest board is always the first thing I do. You can tell if you look on there, I was tossing around the idea of this theme and a monster.. I love Pinterest and the way it helps me organize idea. Most everything I got was either from Oriental Trading (the suckers, pixie sticks and gum ball machines) or Winco in the bulk candy section. About a few of the details, the white shelf is one I have to help organize all of my crafting supplies, I got it from Michael’s a year ago or so. The ball jars are just painted with flat white spray paint and sanded a little bit. So easy! The pinwheels are soo easy, I’ll share a quick DIY soon. Also, them lemonade stand! Scott built that! He used these directions.. I’m thinking of renting this thing out for events! My next crazy idea… Scott builds the things and I rent them out.. Possible money maker right?

So as usual at my events, I did a horrible job at taking pictures. But as usual, Sam was there to save the day. Mostly all of these pictures are hers, with the exception of a few. Thank you as usual Sam for the amazing memories, you can go here to see Sam’s post of the party. sunshineandlemonade_2676My little red-faced two year old, he sure loves those jumpers.. Even on warm days.sunshineandlemonade_2678Cousinssunshineandlemonade_2681We found some old rims at a garage sale and painted them with a flat white spray paint. One of my favorite decorations from the party, and I am going to use them somehow in his room.sunshineandlemonade_2690Our fingerprint guest book, this has become a little birthday party tradition. Look at last year’s!sunshineandlemonade_2691I always have to laugh when Grayson attempts to blow bubbles..sunshineandlemonade_2695 sunshineandlemonade_2698Drew, Parker and Owensunshineandlemonade_2704sunshineandlemonade_6561sunshineandlemonade_6570The birthday boy with his papa.sunshineandlemonade_6582Still unsure about the birthday song.sunshineandlemonade_6581Don’t mind my giant hand, but I seriously love this smile.sunshineandlemonade_6691sunshineandlemonade_6700He’s becoming quite a pro at blowing out candles.sunshineandlemonade_6701Such a shy boy sometimes.sunshineandlemonade_6714I love this one, it may be my favorite.sunshineandlemonade_6716sunshineandlemonade_6769Haha this face!sunshineandlemonade_6783He loves to put on mommy’s sunglasses. He won’t actually wear any, but he loves to play in them. They definitely suit him. (When I went to look at last year’s guest book I also noticed Gray wearing these same sunglasses!)sunshineandlemonade_6812sunshineandlemonade_6819Oh man his face is priceless looking at his Toy Story pj’s.sunshineandlemonade_6893You all know Molly..sunshineandlemonade_6908Auntie Trisha and Grayson always take the best pictures together! (despite him being pink faced and having frosting all over, I think he’s just the cutest!)sunshineandlemonade_7010The one who helped the party be possible, my mom.. I can always count on her.sunshineandlemonade_2710And finally us. Us. You don’t understand how thankful I feel to have us. If I’ve never given another gift, this would be enough. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a two year old happier at his birthday party than Grayson was that day. Being outdoors is his happy place. Having his family and close friends there only added in his happiness. Forgetting everything else, that alone made my day and my memory forever. sunshineandlemonade_2713

5 thoughts on “Grayson’s 2nd birthday :: Sunshine and Lemonade party

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  2. It looks awesome as usual, Jess! Wish we could have been there. I can’t believe how fast these kids are growing up.

  3. I just love it all! And I wanted to mention, I really loved the white Ball jars. Those looked so good! Glad I was there and was able to photograph your little bug enjoying his special day! Love you!

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