Lake Elsinore Children’s Photographer :: Ellie Jeanne

lakeelsinorechildrensphotography_1468I’d like to introduce all of you to Miss Ellie Jeanne Sethman,
I’ve secretly wanted to take this little girl’s pictures since before she was born!
I had gifted her momma with a gift card at her baby shower,
I just knew with how beautiful Sarah is..
Ellie had no choice but to be adorable.
Needless to say, I was super excited when Sarah emailed me.
Then when she showed up and had all of these gorgeous props,
I was elated. lakeelsinorechildrensphotography_1485First favorite..lakeelsinorechildrensphotography_1492Second favorite..lakeelsinorechildrensphotography_1534Oh goodness I have three favorites today.lakeelsinorechildrensphotography_1561 lakeelsinorechildrensphotography_1570Thank you so much Sarah for letting me take these,
I so enjoyed spending time with you and your precious daughter.


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