My life :: Wild Animal Park

sdwildanimalpark_8897Our first trip to San Diego to see the animals was to the Zoo, this time the Wild Animal Park. I have to be honest, I’m not in love with either. We have passes and we always like to make our passes way worth it so I am sure I will like it more as we go. Plus it is seriously Grayson’s favorite thing right now, the animals. So it doesn’t have to be amazing for me to enjoy my time if he loves it. Just a few pictures from our day a couple weeks ago.sdwildanimalpark_8899 sdwildanimalpark_8903“Oh mom I know I’m cute but please stop taking pictures of me.”sdwildanimalpark_8909If you look closely you’ll see the momma and her baby. It was precious seeing her take care of it.sdwildanimalpark_8926All day his favorite was “Rhino!” So we of course had to stop at the giant brass rhino for a photo op. Any day spent with my two loves is a great one in my book.sdwildanimalpark_8941


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