Menifee Children’s Photographer :: Brinley & Brooklynn

menifeechildrensphotography_1158I am so in love with this top one! Her expression kills me
These little ladies are already six months!!
(well they were when I took these at least!)
First up we have Brooklynn, she was all smiles the entire time.
Made my job so easy.menifeechildrensphotography_1169 menifeechildrensphotography_1179Then again so was Brinley,
both of these girls are happy, sweet babies.
On a side note, their big sister Madison is one of my favorite little girls.
I have never met a more polite and well behaved 3 year old (or 4? ah I forget)
But seriously, these girls have a great role model in their big sismenifeechildrensphotography_1216This one had all of us cracking up,
and is probably my favorite of her.menifeechildrensphotography_1213Another of my favorites of Brooklynn,
she fells back from her sitting position and thought it was the funniest thing.
She would lean back over and over and just laugh!menifeechildrensphotography_1182
menifeechildrensphotography_1202 menifeechildrensphotography_1226 menifeechildrensphotography_1238 menifeechildrensphotography_1244I love his one!! We just need Madison in it and we’d have all of the beauties!menifeechildrensphotography_1263I will end with one that will make you smile.
It sure made me.menifeechildrensphotography_1311


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