“Anana backture”

That’s all I hear these days when we are driving in the car, which in Grayson language means “another tractor”. He’s obsessed! He thinks a lot of things are tractors though, cranes, dump trucks, pretty much any and all heavy equipment. I tell him what each are but he still insists they are tractors. It makes our car rides somewhat enjoyable considering most of his life he’s hated them.

They are building something on one of the main big roads near our town and have these huge pieces of equipment there. I love when we get to go that way because he gets soo excited. They have these massive dump trucks lined up and I knew I wanted to stop one day and take a picture. So over 4th of July weekend I may Scott pull over for me. I want to get it printed and hang it in the playroom somewhere so he can see it.tractorYou will be so surprised at how many tractors you see if you start looking when you drive, I am constantly spotting them even without Grayson there. Then I get sad he isn’t there to see them! So go ahead, I dare you not to spot all the tractors all around you. Hope your Monday is a good one!


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