Laguna Beach photography :: Savannah

lagunabeachportraits_3377Oh my gosh I’ve known this sweet girl for years and years now,
her parents are two of my favorite people.
Seriously one of the nicest families you’ll ever meet,
the kid that you can call on when you’re in a bind..
because trust me, we have before.
So when Michelle asked me to take beach pictures of Savannah,
all teenager-like, I jumped at the chance.
We had great conversation, a gorgeous setting and beautiful girls.

lagunabeachportraits_3485 lagunabeachportraits_3527 lagunabeachportraits_3541We also had the pleasure of having Savannah’s Hannah cousin join us,
she was fabulous too.lagunabeachportraits_3564 lagunabeachportraits_3458Of course we need a silly picture, it’s a must.lagunabeachportraits_3511Beautiful girls, inside and out.
Thank you friends for always loving my family, love you guyslagunabeachportraits_3513


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