Corona Newborn Photography :: Avery Rose

coronanewbornphotography_4208I’d like to introduce all of you to Miss Avery Rose,
I knew she was going to be special from the moment I heard her name.
Avery is the girl name we were going to use if our little he was a she,
and Rose of course is a favorite middle name of mine for obvious reasons.
So I had a good feeling she was going to be a sweetheart.
I was right.. Lovely as could be, and slept the entire time.

This little bunny rabbit was her mommy’s when she was little,
I think I heard David call it the scary bunny..
But it sure does look cute nestled up in her arms.
coronanewbornphotography_4200This is Avery’s big brother Wesley.coronanewbornphotography_4214Love.coronanewbornphotography_4223 coronanewbornphotography_4259 coronanewbornphotography_4272I know you may be done having babies,
but maybe you should rethink it because you sure do make cute ones!
As always I had a great time with your family.coronanewbornphotography_4306


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