Back to School Mini Sessions :: Part I

minisessions_4652Okay seriously, get ready for cuteness OVERLOAD.
I honestly had more fun photographing this mini sessions
than I’ve had in a long time.
I (almost) always love what I do,
but times like this.. I need.. because it’s confirms for me I am doing what I am suppose to.
I am a little sad I didn’t book more sessions..
only because those kids missed out on all of the fun!
And those other parents are going to get lame backdrops for their pictures.
haha kidding… sort of.. not really..
Hanging with these kids was good for my soul,
so carefree and pure. I couldn’t pick one favorite kid,
they were all great! I mean look at Kirra both above and below!
So fun!
minisessions_4668This was my first time meeting Carlee and Carson,
I loved them from the moment I met them.
Sweet kids with a very humorous spirit,
my favorite types really.
I look forward to seeing them again for family pictures!
minisessions_4725minisessions_4741minisessions_4764This is Phillip, believe it or not he and his family were on of my very first clients,
throughout all of the years, they’ve never gone anywhere else.
I told Phillip that I used to photograph him bare booty,
he got all embarrassed. It was the cutest thing ever.
This is Dominic, look at this ham!
Sweet boys I tell ya.minisessions_4780I couldn’t resist adding these in, I in love with them.
minisessions_4841minisessions_4842I will be back soon with more from these sessions.


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