Back to School Mini Sessions :: Part II

minisessions_5344Our back to school mini sessions day 2
turned into a Josiah and Gage brother session.
Which is completely okay by me,
these boys are so sweet and I had a blast chasing them around.
Now I could have cropped McKensie out of the one above,
but I kind of love it with her in it.
There is nothing better than a momma’s love for her baby,
that love is written all over her face in this one.
Our families have been through a lot together,
we’re so grateful for them in our lives.
They are not only our dear friends, but our Pastors.
I love their growing family, and can’t wait to make memories for years and years.
Now, on to a few of my favorites from our afternoon together..
minisessions_5378 minisessions_5361 minisessions_5404 minisessions_5439Something about this one of him looking down makes me want to squeeze him.minisessions_5441I love this one, he’s looking at mom like, “should I do it??”
and you can’t see daddy’s face, but you know he’s smiling.minisessions_5448I am honored to be able to capture these memories for you, love you guys.


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