Lake Elsinore Child Photographer :: Molly Jae is ONE!!

lakeelsinorechildrenphotography_5467Yes you read that right, Molly is ONE!
She is so close to my heart that just like her momma,
I can hardly believe that it’s already been a year.
It feels like we just took her newborn pictures.
She has a little rambuncious spirit,
I am really excited to see her enter the toddler phase.
I am just blessed to be a part of her life.
Here are my favorites from our session together. (my absolute favorite on the left)lakeelsinorechildrenphotography_5485 lakeelsinorechildrenphotography_5491Little hamlakeelsinorechildrenphotography_5500 lakeelsinorechildrenphotography_5502Learning young to take time to smell the roses.lakeelsinorechildrenphotography_5537 lakeelsinorechildrenphotography_5552The tired face.lakeelsinorechildrenphotography_5569My second favorite.. a tired, sweet smile for her favorite picture-taker.
Love you Molly, the happiest of birthdays to my favorite little girl!!lakeelsinorechildrenphotography_5574


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