Grayson :: Potty training, attempt numero uno

pottytraining_6061I’ve gone back and forth, back and forth, then back and forth some more about potty training.
If I’ve heard anything about potty training, it’s that you shouldn’t do it until they’re ready.
Otherwise it’s nothing but frustrating. So how do I know if he’s ready?
He tells us when he’s peed or pooped, and sometimes even before.
He makes us change his diaper… but has had no interest in going on the potty.
I’ve had it sitting in our bathroom for months now.
But the last straw was the dermatologist wanting me to buy expensive diapers that have no dyes or fragrances in them.
I will do anything for Grayson, no matter the cost.
But I figured maybe now would be better than any to attempt to potty train.

So I thought I would write about what I did to help this along, just in case it actually works.. and can help anyone else.
I started a potty chart, with enough squares for about three days worth of “potty’s” (a word?)
and of course plastered it with tractors. His prize for filling up the potty chart, a new toy tractor.pottytraining_6068 pottytraining_6067I also filled up a jar with skittles, each time he goes potty he gets two skittles (of his color choice)

I waited until he had his first poop of the morning, then took off the diaper and put on those adorable little boy undies.
I put him on the toilet twice and then let him play outside, of course once he was outside he peed. Dang it.
So I changed him (didn’t get upset with him) just asked him to tell me if he had to go again.
He came in, I gave him some milk.. Then some gold fishes and some orange juice..pottytraining_6074 pottytraining_6071Our set up.. I ended up turning him face forward mainly because that darn toilet seat.. He couldn’t see over it.
Once I did that, he ended up going. He still had accidents, but he went in the potty more times than in his undies.
We did have a little issue with #2, he had to go for almost an hour (he kept telling me) but refused to go on the potty.
He kept trying to hand me diapers, so I eventually did put one on him. I felt like I didn’t want it to become a negative idea.
Once he went I changed him, cleaned him up and put McQueen back on.
The times that had me the most frustrated were when he would go in the potty, put underwear back on and then pee five minutes later. Ugh!!
By the end of the day, I was definitely exhausted and glad to have him back in a diaper.
pottytraining_6085I am so proud of him, overall he did great. But here’s to hoping day two is better than one!


I had high hopes for day two, but it only started with a little disappointment.
Before even any potty successes there was like three accidents. But it did get better.
(the chart is mostly yesterday with one from today) Oh yeah and he even pooped, OUTSIDE!
Since he kept peeing in his underwear, I decided to let him run around bare booty.
He spends most of his time outside running with the dogs, so I wasn’t surprised when he told us he pooped out there.
I even told Scott beforehand that he was going to do it. I know my child.

He seems pretty comfortable don’t you think?pottytraining_6091Day 3

Day three started off really good! Besides the fact he was very reluctant to start another day without a diaper.
Once we got past that, he hung out bare butt and told me twice he had to go potty.
The last time before we left for church he wanted to get back on the potty, play with his iPad
and even tooted a few times. (Those things are stinky when there isn’t a diaper barrier!)
So today definitely made me feel like we are making progress.
When we left for church I had a diaper on him.
My thinking is that we’ll really focus on it when he’s home,
but less when he’s out. I feel like the more and more we conquer it here..
the easier it will be a little bit later. But one more morning and he’ll get his new tractor!pottytraining_6095I am pretty sure this is mid-push. (so at least there is a small attempt at #2)pottytraining_6092

Overall I think he did a great job for our first attempt,
I feel like if I had a few more days home with him he’d be pretty much trained. (#1)
He totally understands it, he’s just not 100% committed just yet.
If I did it over, I wouldn’t change a thing. He actually ended up loving the stickers even more than the Skittles!
That was the highlight for him, getting to add another star to his chart.
My brother babysat him tonight and Grayson asked to go pee,
and explained to him that once he fills up the chart he gets a new tractor.
I thought that was cool for two reasons.. 1. That he totally understands the concept and 2. He was able to communicate that to my brother.
What a fun thing, and I am so proud of my bug. He’s not a little baby anymore, which makes me a little sad..
I sure do love this age though, almost all fun with a just small mix of brat.
I am so thankful to be his mommy.



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