Murrieta Children’s Photographer :: Graham turns a year old!

murrietachildrensphotography_4898Originally this was going to be Graham’s one year photo shoot,
but his older sisters were much over-do for their sessions as well..
So we did a combination of all three and let me tell you,
I love how they all turned out!
We started and ended with little Graham,
and added the girls in the middle. It was perfect!
I tried to narrow it to only a few,
but of course that wasn’t possible.

murrietachildrensphotography_4871Such a sweet moment from big sister Ava.murrietachildrensphotography_4883I love these next three of Ava.murrietachildrensphotography_4847 murrietachildrensphotography_4960Grace belongs in this orange color, it’s perfect on her!
She is growing into a pretty little lady. I love these.murrietachildrensphotography_4918 murrietachildrensphotography_4922murrietachildrensphotography_4930 murrietachildrensphotography_4971 murrietachildrensphotography_4989Now finishing up with the birthday boy,
there was no doubt in our minds whether he liked his cake or not..
Perfect little cake smash session.murrietachildrensphotography_5047 murrietachildrensphotography_5049Look at that smilemurrietachildrensphotography_5062 murrietachildrensphotography_5071Happy birthday Graham!!


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