My life :: our local horse stables

FV8A5701I seriously love ^^ this picture of him.
He is such a confident little boy,
there isn’t much that intimidates him, and I love that.
Fearless this one.. and so animated.
These pictures definitely capture that side of him,
this day he was such a good boy; playing on his own.
I had to reward him by taking him to his happy place..
the horse stables in Canyon Lake.
It has both horses and a tractor, heaven for this kid.
FV8A5746I adore his shirt, I found them because of a suggestion on Instagram.
Vicarious Clothing, you can find their shop here . (I also got their “this many” tee)
Anyway, back to the horse whisperer.
Every.Single.Horse loves him. They come right up and let them pet (or kiss) them.
It really is true what they say, that horses can sense good.FV8A5750 FV8A5753His latest.. pretending to be an airplane flying.FV8A5759Again, love this.. my little tractor driver.
His obsessions include tractors (obvs.), animals and colors.
He randomly kisses us all day, every day..
I like to think he picked that one up from his momma.
If he hurts me accidentally (let’s be honest, or on purpose)
he always kisses the spot he hurt.FV8A5771 FV8A5772He talks so much now, and loves to repeat everything we say.
He still loves to dance.
He still hates to share.FV8A5773 FV8A5777I hope this year we have a decent winter.
I can’t wait to take him to “build a snowman”
Frozen is a favorite to watch around these parts.FV8A5800I realize that I used the word love a lot in the post.
I can’t help it, I’m in love.
With my boy, and our family.FV8A5812


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