My life :: San Diego zoo

We had a dermatology appointment in San Diego a few weeks ago,
I thought it would be nice to end our day at the zoo after another lame appointment.
I told him we were going in the morning and it’s all he could talk about until we got there.
He doesn’t just love the animals, but the chance to run free.
And I love how tired he is at night..

It’s a good thing he knew where he was going, because I sure didn’t.
It was so hot, I probably would have left earlier than we did…
but I didn’t know where the exit was!
FV8A6049Most of my pictures are this… him staring into a cage or aquarium. FV8A6051Yes, same shirt as our other post.
I figured a public place like the zoo is as good of a place as any to witness to people.
I heard lots of comments about it too. Mission accomplished.FV8A6052His happy face.FV8A6056I love dates with my boy.


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