Lake Elsinore maternity :: Megan Tapia

elsinorematernity_8197I’ll buy you a Starbucks if you know what I am about to say..
I loooooove all of these!
Did you get it right? If you’ve followed along for a while you probably did.
I just can’t help myself and my love for my friends!
Megan swears she isn’t photogenic. I’m sure you will disagree as I do.
I’ve known Meg for years and years,
I’ve always thought she deserved great.
She now has her great, a sweet baby boy on the way
and a handsome fiance.

elsinorematernity_8170 elsinorematernity_8217 elsinorematernity_8278 elsinorematernity_8283 elsinorematernity_8306I love this one, so casual and comfortable.elsinorematernity_8316 elsinorematernity_8323But I of course love all these too.elsinorematernity_8334 elsinorematernity_8335 elsinorematernity_8342My two favorites of Meg alone.elsinorematernity_8357 elsinorematernity_8366 elsinorematernity_8370And my absolute favorite from the whole night.elsinorematernity_8382I am so excited for you guys and I can’t wait to meet mister Sawyer!


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