My Life :: Our halloween 2014

ourhalloween2014_1There was just too many pumpkin pictures, I thought I would spare you the scrolling time by combining them into one.
What am I saying, there are just too many pictures in this entire post. But you know the new saying.. can’t stop, won’t stop.
Besides, we just had too much fun this halloween. This age is really, really fun.
Experiencing anything is better with babies.

I’ve been wanting to go apple picking since the season started in September, but it just didn’t happen.
I was worried since we didn’t have much rain that they would run out fast.
Which I was sort of right, this place we went (Riley’s Farms) didn’t have any red apples.
But none of the kids minded one bit. The kids are okay, the adults are okay.ourhalloween2014-8055I love this of Danny.. ourhalloween2014-8056 ourhalloween2014-8058 ourhalloween2014-8059Grayson never really wants to take pictures these days, but this particular day.. He absolutely refused.
So we thought trying with one of his favorite people would help.. But no.ourhalloween2014-8060Untitled-1I was going to clean off his face post-production but I though nahhh, this is how he looks most of the time anyway.. My little outdoor boy.ourhalloween2014-8063 ourhalloween2014-8064 Scott informed me I was allowed to have ONE attempt at a family shot, so of course I picked in front of these beautiful trees.
Don’t ask me how we got such a cute picture of Grayson, probably had something to do with candy.ourhalloween2014-8065 ourhalloween2014-8066 ourhalloween2014-8067After the apple farm, Greg and Heather invited us back to Greg’s parents house so that Grayson could ride a tractor!
We couldn’t pass that up of course.
While they were on it, I just got this vision of us owning property.. having our own tractor, animals and a bunch of kids running around. Someday maybe.
It was funny too, I didn’t tell Scott that I had that feeling but the other day he came home with a lottery ticket. We aren’t avid lottery players but every once in a while he’ll pick one up. So he flashed it at me and says, “I’m gonna buy you that farm.” I believe him, lottery or not.
ourhalloween2014-8069 ourhalloween2014-8070 ourhalloween2014-8071 ourhalloween2014-8072So that was our experience with the real thing, here is ours with the handmade one.
When I was racking my brain about a costume for him (because he refuses to wear hats, and even jackets sometimes)
I knew there was no way I would get him in a “real” costume.
Scott said he would just make him a tractor, and so I went with the whole construction worker thing.
I think it worked perfectly. I did get him that helmet, and gave it him weeks ago to “practice.”
Didn’t help. He wore it for 10 seconds (but I got a picture so that’s what I’m most happy about)ourhalloween2014-8074These are seriously my new two favorite pictures of him.ourhalloween2014-8075 ourhalloween2014-8076He loves his daddy and all the handwork he puts into everything. So do I.ourhalloween2014-8077Happy Friday friends!


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