Temescal Canyon Senior Pictures :: Mikey Williams

canyonlakesenior_7511This post is near and dear to my heart,
this handsome fella is Scott’s brother Mikey.
When Scott and I met in high school this guy was 2!
So weird to think he was Grayson’s age when I met him.
I’ve watched him grow up and have the pleasure of being (one of) his big sister.
Mikey has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve ever met,
definitely something passed on from his mom.
I think he is the rebel of the family, a little trouble-maker even.
But that boy knows better, and that huge heart won’t let him get in too much trouble.
Our session was literally 20 minutes, I’m in love with all 20 minutes of it.
canyonlakesenior_7512 canyonlakesenior_7522It is so weird, I feel like I am looking at Scott 15 years ago when I met him.canyonlakesenior_7527 canyonlakesenior_7557 canyonlakesenior_7565Oh Mikey, you’ve always had a piece of my heart.
I can’t wait to see where you go in life,
I am so proud to be one of your big sisters.


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