Practice makes perfect..

scott-7448As a photographer, or any type of artist for that matter it is important to continue to grow in that art.
I had been feeling a little stagnant and needed a little motivation.
What better motivation than scouting a new location with two of my favorite misters.
I was able to practice using different focal points (since there are 61 of them!)
and playing around with composition.
Scott has never let me just take multiple pictures of him,
so I jumped at the chance when I asked him if he would let me and he actually said yes!
As a bonus Grayson got to have a little adventure. Win-Win.

scott-7451 scott-7455
scott-7457 scott-7458_bwI am so lucky that I get to have this image forever, and do life with these two.scott-7465 scott-7481Practice day = a success.


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