Christmas 2014 Wishlist

I am sure you knew this was coming sooner or later,
and so that you don’t have to wait any longer..
Our Christmas wishlist for this year.

First up, the little mister. I don’t actually even know where to start.
I feel like he has plenty, he’s only child so he gets it all.
He’s got a million tractors now, and he’s slowly starting to like monster trucks.
First things first, he is not a fan of the bath these days unless he’s eating a Popsicle at the same time.
I think he needs some new bath toys. Something like this would be cool, and I know he’d love this.
Some may think food toys are more of a girls thing, (ahem Scott)
But I don’t, and Grayson already helps me in the kitchen so I think this stuff would be fun for him.
We have a sandwich making set, a cutting food set, and a fruit set.
This play tape is kind of perfect for a little boy who loves cars.
I’ve been noticing that he is intrigued by train sets,
we’ve been a couple places that had them and he wouldn’t move from them.
We bought him a cheap set at IKEA, but I think something like this would be so cool!
He is starting to get to the age where he knows if he asks for something, he might get it.
The first thing he ever asked for was this Mator set, I also saw this one while I was browsing, and this one.
Who knew Legos were so expensive. I saw some over $50! That’s just crazy talk.
Remember when I took these adorable pictures of my little mister? His ‘Love God Love People’
shirt is my favorite. I love the way it fits him. I think this will be our next one. My little outdoor adventurous boy.
Speaking of clothes, since he refuses to wear jackets.. I like to go lightweight on the shirts, so flannels are a happy medium.
I love this, this, or this. And speaking of clothing, let’s talk shoes.
I seriously love the Adidas he has right now (pictured) but apparently no one sells them anymore..
I found these which are “technically” the ones he has, but the stripes aren’t white.
They are still super nice, and I would totally put him in them..
Then last but not least, and mostly because I needed one more square to fill up,
a train set that is a cross between his current obsession and his up and coming.. gchristmaslist

Now onto momma.. first up, we plan on getting new phones in December when we can,
it’s our late anniversary gifts to each other.
So you know I need a new phone case,
this year maybe two.
I kind of want a cute one, like this, this, this, or maybe even this.
But I also need one that actually protects my phone, something like this. (white with grey plug covers)

I’ve wanted a cake plate for a really long time now,
but it isn’t something I can justify buying.
So far I’ve found a couple I like this one is pretty cute, or even this one is better than what I have!

Obviously right now we don’t own our home, but I have high hopes we will sometime in the (semi-near) future.
And when we do, Urban Wall decals will play a huge part into my decor.
They are simple and add just enough for me. So far I love the gold polka dots and the black triangles.
I don’t know what our next house will look like but I know that I could find many places for them.
OR Lord willing if I can get pregnant again, any of these would he super cute nursery decor..
Ahh I am also a big fan of plus signs! Look, so cute!

I’m really liking anything and everything felt.
It always has such a clean look. Someday I want to get myself a wreath like this one.

Simple jewelry is always a win-win, beautiful bar necklace anyone? (s-heart-j)

There is also some practical things on my Christmas list,
like these camera wipes, and a new memory card or two never hurt anyone.

mommyschristmaslistI think that about wraps it up, nothing super spectacular I want these day..
Well nothing that can go onto a blog list anyway..
My real wish-list is in my prayers, just waiting on the Lord.
I am so excited for Christmas this year,
he is going to be so spoiled but I can’t wait to see the happiness on his face.
I just love him.


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