Lake Elsinore Photographer :: the Logue family

elsinorefamilyphotography_8452You know the friends that you don’t see often enough,
but when you do it’s always a wonderful time…
That is the Logue’s for me,
big hugs, easy conversation and sweet laughs when we’re together.
I was really excited when Ebony and scheduled our sessions,
she would take our family, I would take hers.
Works out perfectly, she last took ours when we had our maternity session.
(Which I never blogged, and that is the weirdest thing in the world!!)
Anyway, two and a half years later and here we are.
She has a beautiful, growing family, and are just as sweet as they always have been.

I sent this first one in a message to Ebony with the caption,
“perfect expression of a photo session with a toddler”
Haha Tom’s face is so funny! I couldn’t pass up sharing this one.
elsinorefamilyphotography_8460Now for the rest. Love!elsinorefamilyphotography_8466 elsinorefamilyphotography_8494 elsinorefamilyphotography_8506 elsinorefamilyphotography_8517 elsinorefamilyphotography_8521 elsinorefamilyphotography_8531My absolute favorite of the four of them.elsinorefamilyphotography_8539 elsinorefamilyphotography_8575 elsinorefamilyphotography_8600 elsinorefamilyphotography_8605 elsinorefamilyphotography_8618What a joy! I kind of love my job.


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