My Life :: Yes day

The last couple of months have been almost all work-oriented,
before the holidays are my busiest work season.
This last week my patience has run thin,
and he had been super whiny. It didn’t help that it was a few days straight
of rain so he wasn’t able to be outside. This boy needs to be outside.
So I decided to put aside everything I was working on and give him a yes day.
I planned to do everything that I knew he loves doing.
Instead of the usual, “hold on a minute” I dropped everything anytime he needed me.
What do you know, no whining or bad behavior.
Obviously that is not realistic every single day, but I recommend it as often as you can.
It was good for his soul, and mine too.

We started our morning like every other, with monster trucks and his blanket.
He of course woke up earlier than seven o’clock but I waited for some light to snap this.
grayson-0159It’s become our thing to get doughnuts before we have a day out.grayson-0165We also made a special delivery to a friend.
(Although it looks like he wants to eat the special delivery)
grayson-0169Soccer at the park.
Which really consists of rolling the ball, stopping, and then seeing who can get there first.grayson-0180Trying to keep him awake on the drive home.grayson-0189Nap time.grayson-0191Act like a crazy person time.grayson-0193Annoy the dogs. (they love it though)grayson-0198Check out the trash truck picking up the cans.grayson-0201Lastly, we went to see his favorite horses and then I dropped him off with Nana.
(momma got a girls night) This picture is from a different time since I didn’t want
to leave my camera in the car, but same thing right. He just loves it there.
FV8A5752What a fun day, I so love our time together.
The only thing missing was daddy.
Thank you Jesus for letting me be his mommy.


One thought on “My Life :: Yes day

  1. Oh. my. gosh. I love all of these! His personality just shines through! Especially love that doughnut shop photo of him, that cracked me up! And thanks for the dougnut delivery too, you’re the best!

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