Birthday list 2015

Ugh I can’t believe it’s already that time again,
that time every year that I turn a year older.
I could go into how I feel about that,
but I will spare you. My frame of mind is a little off these days.
So what I will stick to is a little wish list.
33 and still making a birthday list, is that illegal?
I get asked for it every year so I suppose it’s okay.

We’ve really buckled down on our spending this past month,
I’m proud of us. Well me really, because I am the money spender.
But what I’ve noticed is the things I like to buy are for my craft habit.
There is always something on my to-do list that requires a DIY.
I am also working on a new gallery wall, so I’ve used up my Christmas money..
But still have more I want for my wall.
The first picture is my wall inspiration, I love everything about it.
I want all different textures, so frames.. canvas.. wood..
I am hoping I can talk someone into making that arrow for me too..
So first up, a new mirror for it. Who doesn’t love everything from Hobby Lobby?
I have a pillow that is striped with several colors so I would like to pull a few
for this wall. Like a blue, possibly mustard and burnt orange.
I also want a big “W”, so I want to follow this tutorial.
I found exactly what I want! This site you can customize what size,
and font (from their choices) you want your letter to be.
I want the Baltic Birch Wood Letters in 11″, in the Mouse Memoirs font.
This size canvas would be cool for a number 3.
I’d like to get some old garage sale frames to refinish.
On a total side note I want the new Maroon 5 album.
(if they have a radio version, I’d prefer that one)
Who can’t use another adorable sweater, a cute pink beanie and a scarf or two.birthdaywishlist2015


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