Menifee Newborn Photographer :: Henry Williams


toman_1843With this post I decided to start with my favorites,
Scott and I have known Daryl for years and years. And years.
So it was special to me that I was able to photograph their first baby.
Morgan is the sweetest, and always welcomes me with a big hug when I see her.
Little Henry is in for a great life, with an awesome mommy and daddy.
Something about this one with Daryl’s hands wrapped around his boy,
if it were mine, it would definitely be a large print in his room.toman_1925 toman_1867Love this. toman_1896We started off outside of Morgans dad’s house, such a beautiful property.
Then moved inside for a few more, look at that smile.toman_1946 toman_1951Thank you Toman family for allowing me in,
I love you guys and am over the moon happy for you.
Being a parent is thee biggest blessing you’ll ever have.

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