Meet Jess

lovesofmylifeI LOVE THAT I LOVE my husband with my whole heart.
When he’s gone, I’m incomplete.
I love that he knows me so well,
and he can tell me when I am being neurotic.
He also brings me sour skittles when he grocery shops.jrosephotography_loves2I absolutely LOVE THAT I WAS GIVEN the greatest gift of all.
Our son Grayson.
To know that this is the little boy had for us still leaves me breathless.
He is the perfect piece to our puzzle. jess-13I LOVE THAT I can count on my family no matter what.
I am so thankful for both of the families that Lord has given me.
Without them, my life would be a lot less entertaining,
a lot less comical and a lot less full. jrosephotography_loves3a jrosephotography_loves3bI am in LOVE WITH MY PASSION for capturing memories
and stopping moments in time for my friends.
I truly am living my dream. I love my life.jess_2214shoot-cLastly but most greatly
My LOVE AND PASSION for photography comes from
my Lord and Savior.
I would be nothing without Him.walkbyfaithIf you’d like to chat about setting up a photography session,
please PLEASE call or email. I’d LOVE to meet you!
951.903.4092 ::


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