Whip it up Wednesday :: one way to make wood look aged

IMG_8356-aI’ve got another quick DIY for you today. You might remember me talking in February about Garlands and good causes, but this time our exchanges was letters and numbers. It couldn’t have come at a better time, since we are moving out soon I’ve been stocking up on new (inexpensive) home decor. So I can’t wait to get mine in the mail! I’ve been talking through email and Instagram to my exchange partner and she is so sweet. I’m really excited for her to get my little care package. The way I did this was so easy I thought it would be a perfect project for my Whip it up Wednesday.

Ingredients are: any type of wood letter, (2) different colors of spray paint (one for the bottom coat that peeks through and another for the top coat), and then Vaseline. That’s it!IMG_8144First thing you’ll do, spray paint the bottom coat. For this coat you don’t have to get every inch of it, but you don’t want to cover it pretty good.IMG_8147 After that dries, you will rub Vaseline on it. You’ll basically rub it anywhere that it might have “aged”  if it were as old as you are trying to make it look. IMG_8151 Next you will spray it with the top color and let that dry really good. Keep it in a place where it won’t get touched or rubbed. (which is practically nowhere with a two year old!)IMG_8156Once it is all dry, all you do is take a paper towel or rag and rub all over. The paint will wipe right off in all of the areas you applied the Vaseline. I’ve painted a few things like this now and always love how it turned out.IMG_8160IMG_8357Here is my letter and number that I sent out, I hope she loves it as much as I do!IMG_8356Have a great Wednesday! If you have a tutorial that is easy to whip up, please leave the link in the comments below! I’d love to follow along.

Whip it up Wednesday :: Bright metal alphabet magnets

IMG_0704It has been waaay too long since I have posted a DIY! One of my 32 goals that I set this past birthday was to start a new blog series that allows me to be creative. Since I have been saying no to other people and yes to myself I wanted to take this time and try and craft more often. Be creative more often, especially since I love it so much. Again like my Fridays are my Favorite series, it won’t be every week but just as often as I am able to. Hope you enjoy!

First up, this modern spin on your typical alphabet magnets. Ohhh I almost forgot, most of the DIY’s I do are quick, easy and fun. So that’s why I chose to call it Whip it Up Wednesday, it will most likely always be something you can whip up in a couple of hours. I feel better now that that’s explained. Okay moving on.

Oh wait I can’t move on yet.. I have to tell you after I did this little project, I’m not really sure about it.. I mean I love how they turned out but when I think about what they are for.. little kids.. and what do kids do with everything? Put it in their mouths! These little magnets are pretty small and shouldn’t be near their mouths anyway but we’re all smart enough to know that it will happen once or twice. I just barely showed G these and he picked it up and tried taking a bite! So I am going to go ahead and put it out there that unless you can find something (kid friendly) to seal these, I would just use them for decoration. Because they are definitely cute, but not exactly kid-approved! Alright now we can move on.

The supplies you need are: Magnetic alphabet letters, a primer and a bright metal spray paint. ($9 total)IMG_0520The first thing you’ll do is spray the primer on your letters. It took me a few coats to cover up the fluorescent below.IMG_0524 And lastly, (yes only two steps!) you spray the bright metal over the primer and there you have it.IMG_0526I think they turned out really cute and they would be cute just spelling out someone’s name, or maybe even older kids to practice their letters. But not the itty bitty ones. I just love this metallic paint! I see a lot of pretty shiny silver things in my future.IMG_0700Almost half way through the week, that’s the good thing about Wednesdays.. They really do get you over that hump of a week, and we have dinner plans with some special peeps so that makes my Wednesday even better. Have a wonderful day!! xoxo j.

DIY :: Photo transfer

As you read this I am also working on a special guest post for a friend on different ideas of what you can do with your pictures instead of just letting them sit in a corner on your computer. One of those ideas are a photo transfer on to canvas. I thought since I wanted one to show as an example in that post I would just make one, and share the “how-to” with all of you. Here’s what you need: (make sure the photo you want to use is printed as a laser copy) IMG_1772First completely cover your canvas with the gel. (a heavy coat)IMG_1777 Press the photo on the canvas, picture side down. Let it dry completely, so a few hours or even overnight. IMG_1779Once it is dry, spray it with water and start rubbing it off. You have to be careful because you don’t want to rub too much and have the photo come off completely. For this DIY I did not rub it off completely because of time, also I realized after I started that it a super old canvas and the gel was old and sort of dried. Do not use an old yellow canvas or old gel, lesson learned!IMG_1788 IMG_1789Once all of the paper is removed, cover the canvas with one more coat of gel to seal and protect it. Then you’re done!IMG_2117