Amie’s Cherry Blossom Themed Bridal Shower

I am really excited to share that this shower is being featured on TRUEBLU, which a blog dedicated to helping friends of the bride. What a great idea! Go check them out!

If you’ve followed along this little space of mine you probably already know that I host a ton of showers, all types! So I don’t typically have time to photograph them, but for once I wasn’t the host and was hired to take the pictures. It was so fun especially because the hostess was my usual partner in crime, Sam. Plus the bride is one of the sweetest girls I know, win win if you ask me. There is a very sweet meaning behind the cherry themed shower and you can read all about it in Sam’s post here.

IMG_2513This beautiful shot was taken by Sam.IMG_2514IMG_2493IMG_2494IMG_2500IMG_2502IMG_2508IMG_2523These nexy two were also taken by Sam and if you haven’t already you need to head over to her post because she gives a TON of information on everything that went into this shower. Thank you Sam for letting me be a part of your best friend’s day, I thoroughly enjoyed it!DSC_0588DSC_0587IMG_2624

Sunshine and Lemonade :: birthday party invitation

Since Grayson’s birthday party is this weekend I figured I would sign on for a minute and show you this adorable invitation that we came up with and of course Sam used her mad design skills on. When I originally started planning Grayson’s second birthday party (the week after his first one!) I had planned on doing the old fashion summer theme.. But it had sort of transformed into a sunshine and lemonade party instead.. Although could technically still be an old fashioned summer theme too, maybe I’ll go with both!summerbirthdayparty_1802 summerbirthdayparty_1815If you’d like to buy one of these cutest ever birthday party invitations you can head to Sam’s etsy shop!

Rustic themed baby shower

girlbabyshower_7202This is not helping my infatuation with baby girls,
but I have for you today the most beautiful vintage, rustic baby shower.
Every detail was beautiful! I’m even in love the utensil holder..
girlbabyshower_7144girlbabyshower_7124girlbabyshower_7043 girlbabyshower_7115See, gorgeous right?!girlbabyshower_7032 girlbabyshower_7034 girlbabyshower_7037girlbabyshower_7194I usually don’t eat when I am the hired help,
but every person who walked by me ranted and raved about the tortilla soup..
So I had to give it a try, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. girlbabyshower_7193girlbabyshower_7196girlbabyshower_7195girlbabyshower_7127 girlbabyshower_7121One of my absolute favorite details, the cupcake holder!
I’ve never seen them displayed like this and I LOVE it.girlbabyshower_7203 girlbabyshower_7019 girlbabyshower_7023Heather’s daughter Tanner named these “Tristyn toes”
Baby toes are the sweetest so it makes sense.girlbabyshower_7027This pretty lady with momma is my friend Heather who hosted the shower,
and her girls, Tanner and Ryhan. All gorgeous ladies!girlbabyshower_7135The backdrop is just lovely, and those might be the cutest little shoes ever!girlbabyshower_7311Such a beautiful shower,
It was an honor to be asked to document such a special day.
If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time,
you know that I love baby showers.
Photographing them is a bonus (hint, hint)
I can’t wait to see pictures of baby Tristyn from auntie Heather!