New Year, New Photos

So of course you have to make a few changes in the new year. I decided to go with all new photos on the website. Just for a fresh change and I love it. Obviously each year I can see improvement so I was really excited this year for all of my new photos. I changed up “the loves of my life” too!

Check them out if you want!! J. Rose Photography

Kiss me on my Shoulder

Just a tiny dedication to my love. We’ve been going through a lot lately, and this song always makes me think of him. When we were waaay younger I would always tell him to kiss me on my shoulder.

2 things though, I made up the words a little bit, when she says, “this doesn’t even sound like truth, to grow from a bruise.” just believe me when I say those are the words. (it’s suppose to say group but that doesn’t make sense for my life so I’m changing it) I like to think of our troubles as bruises. They are here for a little while, but… “this too shall pass”, kind of like a bruise. Second thing, you can skip the end part. He hasn’t given up on me yet, annnnd I’m pretty sure he’s not going to, in fact I know he won’t :) But anyway, I love it, and I love my husband so very much. Hope your Tuesday is going well.

Coloring Contest Winners!!

I am pleased to announce the winners of the coloring contest for Fiesta Days are Brynn Baine age 2, and Sydney Cook age 9!!

I love how Sydney even colored the detail of my bracelet, so cute! They both did such an awesome job, we had a hard time deciding but eventually came to the conclusion that out of both categories (2-5 & 6-9) that these were our 2 favorites! I’m so excited to call and get them their gift cards to Toys-r-Us! (if your mommy of the little winners, I’ll be calling you very soon!)

Exciting day for our group, another baby was born last night! Hudson Robert Ryan. You remember mommy and daddy’s maternity session right!? Well, he decided to join this world last night and I am going to get ready and head on down there so I can hold and squeeze him! Can’t wait!

Happy Thursday, have a great day!!