Marriage is Fun :: my mom and dad

If you can believe it my parents just celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary June 4th! So in honor to celebrate they wanted to take some Marriage is Fun photos! This might sound funny but I had such a good time shooting these, not only because they are my parents but they are fun people to be around. Although, I was teasing them that it took them a lot longer to get up and sit down that my usual clients! Old farts.

There were a ton that I liked, I tried to narrow it down. I’ll start with one of my favorites..

I love these 2

I think this one is so cute..

And my gorgeous mama
Happy Anniversary, I wish you guys 34 more! Love you guys.

Jaymi + her Marine :: Marriage is Fun!

I wanted to do wordless wednesday yesterday so that I could post these amazing photos today! I can hardly wait another minute, we took these at the beginning of May, that’s how long I’ve been waiting! When Phillip got back from Afghanistan the last time we talked about doing this type of session.¬† Well… it was time for him to leave… AGAIN, but before he did, we were able to take these. I’m so glad we did!¬†This is my Marriage is Fun session! Married couples come out and we take all these lovey-dovey photos, it’s great!! I know I say this all the time, but these by far are my favorite engagement-style I’ve ever done.

I know memorial day is to remember all of the soldiers who fight and have fought for our country, which is absolutely well deserved. But I’ll take a minute here to remember their wives.. (or husbands if the case may be) I could not do what you do. I’ve only personally had 2 friends who’ve had their husbands deployed to Afghanistan for 7 long months, but I’ve seen firsthand what it takes to be that woman, and I couldn’t do it. God has chosen you specifically for that job because not many couldn’t do it. Remember that when it gets hard Jaymi, God chose you. This is what I feel, (take it with a grain of salt) you and Phillip are in God’s will right now… even Phillip while he’s far, far away. But if He brings you to it, He will bring you through it (kind of corny I know, but it’s true!) Regardless of what happens, you’ll get through it, with Jesus. staystronglove.

Whew, okay sorry I don’t know where that one came from. I’m sure most of you just want to see these gorgeous photos!! I think your going to love them like I do.

Can I just say, wow! I love these next 2.

Actually I love this one too, that’s my problem, I love them all!!

I know these are similar but I still couldn’t decide which one I like best.

Jaymi your gorgeous!The end. To a perfect day with a perfect couple.

Jaymi recently started a blog supporting military wives and their families called staystronglove. I know that Scott isn’t in the military but I like reading it because it gives me a glimpse into the life of a wife who does. She posted a song the other day that made me cry. You can go here or find her on facebook here if you are interested.

AND if your married and want to do a session like this, call me I love these sessions!!!

Thank you Jaymi & Phillip for a fun day, and for being an inspiration to so many people. xoxo

Luke + Missy :: Marriage is fun!

Meet Luke + Missy! They are from Bozeman (huh?) Montana, I have known them for a while now and enjoyed spending time with them during our shoot. Missy contacted me on facebook a little while back because they had never had engagement shots taken before, they had plans to come out here to help Luke’s dad with a house project and to vacation with some family and friends. We took this opportunity to take some photos! So this our marriage is fun shoot! Lots of smooching!

A few of my favs!



Love these…



When they were here Missy got me introduced to the 30 Day Shred, and the Couch to 5k workouts I’ve been doing for a few weeks now. When I have my shredded abs, I’ll have her to thank! And thank you Luke + Missy for taking time out of your California time to hang out with me. And thanks Missy for getting my butt back into working out! Can’t wait to see you again!

I’ve got an amazing senior shoot that I can’t wait to share. More to come today!