Diaper Clutch Winner Announced!

Grace picked our winner!! ginny
I hope you enjoy it Ginny.
Thank you to everyone who entered to win,
I hope to be giving away another one soon.
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I have an announcement!!

No I am not pregnant. (I know that’s the first thing that came your mind)
I’ve opened an Etsy shop!! I’ve been thinking and praying for a while now about what I can do to expand my business/entrepreneurship. Since having Grayson I’ve had a love for all things baby. I love reading all of the mommy blogs, and I love all of headbands and bow-ties for the littles and wanted to do something too.

As we all know from when I talked about what’s in my bag that I carry a fairly large diaper bag.. okay it’s huge. So I definitely needed something that was big enough to carry diapers and a few baby essentials plus my key, phone and cash (or more likely my bank card). I would run into the grocery store with it, or throw it in the bottom of my stroller for church. It worked great! With all that being said, after much prayer and head spinning I decided to come up with my own version. Okay I’m lying, my mom and I… well she mostly handled the logistics of it, I basically just told her how I wanted it.. I couldn’t be happier, I love it!etsy_shopSo the details… each diaper clutch comes with some wipes, a disposable changing pad and a disposable plastic bag for the dirty diapers, oh AND diapers. Once you order it you will let me know what size diaper you need and I will include two of them as well! How cool is that?! I am hoping to be able to fill up the shop with new clutches made of beautiful fabrics, but for now this will do!

Feel free to give me some comment love about this you guys! I’m putting myself out there and am really hoping this goes somewhere. If not, I’ll just have lots of baby shower gifts to hand out! Or if YOU need a baby shower gift, head over to my shop and get one! xoxo j.