Wordless Wednesdays :: My newest morning routine


** I’d like to interrupt wordless wednesday for those of you wondering about hearing any updates on the blood tests we took a week and half ago to find out what/if anything is going on.. we still haven’t heard anything back, I’m thinking these types of tests might take a while. I’m going to probably give a quick call today to check in. Although, with this new doctor I’m confident she would call if there were news, but maybe the office or someone hasn’t handed it over just yet. I’ll give an update if I have one soon! xoxo j.

Kidz Closet, Kidz Closet, Kidz Closet

Say that 3 times fast. Kidz Closet has given me such an awesome opportunity. The opportunity to showcase my photos in a great way, to be a part of something in our own community and to see a business for something good ran by 2 awesome people that love the Lord. So since we are hanging portraits up in the store, I thought it would be really cool to have a portrait of their family on the wall in the store! So we went to Indian Beach in Canyon Lake, had a blast and got these beauties…

My favorite…

This set is so cute!

Or.. maybe this is my favorite…

They are also in the works of getting some fliers made by my good friend Sam so we needed a few photos to highlight the adorable clothing they sell. This is what we came up with and I love it, the kids are amazing! Look at these faces!! I still can’t get over how adorable the right one is.

And look at this handsome guy!

I wanted to post just a few shots of how cute their store is, if you haven’t gone by then you really need to! They have lots of other rad things besides clothes.

Like these awesome chalkboard creations! Lacy’s friend makes these herself and I can’t wait to get my hands on one someday when I have a baby room to decorate!

And I love this light switch plate! I would get it if I had somewhere to put it..

Like I said if you haven’t gone into the store you totally need to, even just to say hi and tell them I sent you. Oh and I know they are still in need of some clothes for the store, ages 4 and up.. So if you happen to have anything like that, email me or contact them on facebook.