Donut date with me

Since having Grayson I’ve really become fond of donuts,
instead of ice cream or coffee can we have a donut date?

If we went on our donut date I would tell you that I can’t believe
that Grayson is almost THREE years old. Time flies.

I would tell you that more and more I am becoming less and less a fan of cooking.

That I’ve started hopping on the treadmill on a more consistent basis.

I would tell you that I am praying for a friend that is hurting bad,
that God is faithful and I know things will get better.

That we’re planning a vacation for the first time in three years.

I would also mention because I feel guilty that we shouldn’t go because of money,
but we need to get away. Sometimes it’s okay to be irresponsible I suppose.

I would tell you that I crave a baby kicking inside of me.

That I know Grayson will be an amazing big brother, I’ve seen glimpses.

I would tell you that I am sewing my very first quilt, and that I’ve found a new obsession.
That I am finally going to attempt the quilt I’ve been wanting to make Grayson of his first year.

I would also probably brag that my sweet friend took me to get a massage for my birthday,
and it was glorious.

I would tell you that for the first time, I’ll be getting a niece this summer.
She’ll most definitely¬†be getting a quilt.

I’d mention that my boss is obsessed with scented¬†everything,
I smell like a Glade plug-in everyday I leave there.

I would tell you that I did laundry before Scott ran out of socks,
and washed, dried and folded it all in the same day. Two out of three isn’t bad

I might tell you that I am a scrap hoarder, of paper and fabric. But I am combining my
new obsession with quilting and my bad habit to make this.

The last thing I would tell you is that even though there are times when I want more out of this life,
I know that I am truly blessed and have everything I could ever need.
An amazing hardworking handsome husband, a sweet funny charismatic little boy,
a loving generous family and one-of-a kind, always there for me friends. Truly blessed I tell ya.