It’s birthday time again!

Say it isn’t so, it is already birthday time again.
One of my girlfriends asked me the other day if I was going to be sending Grayson to preschool in the fall,
It caught me off guard that it was already time to think about preschool!
So here we are, with our birthday wish-list.

It feels a little harder to put together a list for him this time,
he likes soo many different things these days. One day he is obsessed with cars, the next day is something different.
Right now he is super into doing puzzles, any and all kinds. (age appropriate of course)
Also, one of the first things that comes to mind for Grayson is PLAY-DOH. He loves it.
He watches YouTube videos (and will as long as let him) with play-doh all.the.time.
So I will definitely start his list off with that, this, or this Cars set might be a favorite.
But I think he would love something like this Meal Makin Kitchen, he does have a new love for Spiderman.
Ever since I had Grayson, I’ve been excited for him to be old enough to “pretend”
I think he is just about there, he makes me “cookies” and he makes me pretend to eat them..
I saw this Play Doctor Set last year and have saved it for this birthday, I think it’s PERFECT start pretending with!
I also found this awesome book, it is a little expensive but its custom to his name, and I love the illustrations
and way they write it so I think it’s worth it.
Also, I have building his collection of awesome t-shirts made by small shops,
next on my list is the Jesus Saves Bro t-shirt. (he’ll probably need a size 4, grey or black)
Something else he talks nonstop about is “Hulk” and mashing everything in site.
Hulk + Play Doh = can’t go wrong.
I have also wanted to get him on a bike, I know the newest thing is these balance bikes..
So I asked some friends and found one that I think is perfect.
Lastly, his other obsession is Paw Patrol. Anything and everything..three years old

It’s about time, our family pictures!

IMG_5985I was working on Grayson’s birthday list and came across this post and realized that I never shared it!
Our family pictures from last November! I know this blog needs to be dusted off, I feel like Instagram has taken over the blog world.
But I do want these here to look back on.. We had Ebony with All Aboard Studios take these, and I am in love.
I fall in love with my family all over again scrolling through these.
IMG_6008 IMG_6019 IMG_6043 IMG_6077 IMG_6111 IMG_6125Thank you for reading, and sorry for the quiet around here lately!!

Donut date with me

Since having Grayson I’ve really become fond of donuts,
instead of ice cream or coffee can we have a donut date?

If we went on our donut date I would tell you that I can’t believe
that Grayson is almost THREE years old. Time flies.

I would tell you that more and more I am becoming less and less a fan of cooking.

That I’ve started hopping on the treadmill on a more consistent basis.

I would tell you that I am praying for a friend that is hurting bad,
that God is faithful and I know things will get better.

That we’re planning a vacation for the first time in three years.

I would also mention because I feel guilty that we shouldn’t go because of money,
but we need to get away. Sometimes it’s okay to be irresponsible I suppose.

I would tell you that I crave a baby kicking inside of me.

That I know Grayson will be an amazing big brother, I’ve seen glimpses.

I would tell you that I am sewing my very first quilt, and that I’ve found a new obsession.
That I am finally going to attempt the quilt I’ve been wanting to make Grayson of his first year.

I would also probably brag that my sweet friend took me to get a massage for my birthday,
and it was glorious.

I would tell you that for the first time, I’ll be getting a niece this summer.
She’ll most definitely be getting a quilt.

I’d mention that my boss is obsessed with scented everything,
I smell like a Glade plug-in everyday I leave there.

I would tell you that I did laundry before Scott ran out of socks,
and washed, dried and folded it all in the same day. Two out of three isn’t bad

I might tell you that I am a scrap hoarder, of paper and fabric. But I am combining my
new obsession with quilting and my bad habit to make this.

The last thing I would tell you is that even though there are times when I want more out of this life,
I know that I am truly blessed and have everything I could ever need.
An amazing hardworking handsome husband, a sweet funny charismatic little boy,
a loving generous family and one-of-a kind, always there for me friends. Truly blessed I tell ya.